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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 14, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> >> france sends an more backup as somalia airstrike center if the day. hello, your watching live from our headquarters. also ahead, a cleric in pakistan is given just hours to dissolve parliament. the government targets one of the strongest. understanding the often misunderstood, companies focusing on special talents of those living with gaspers syndrome.
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france is sending more military personnel, 550 troops on the ground and the flow is speeding up as the intervention intensifies. >> they will not allow them to fall, they wanted to be a quick operation. these transport carriers have been loaded with heavy and sophisticated equipment. they could not prevent the capture, and the government controls on garrison towns. the group that took the area says it is still willing to negotiate. >> we spoke to the mediator telling them we are willing to reach a peaceful solution. the government has nothing to do
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with what is going on right now. >> france is now on the ground as well as the air. some of the troops will remain, protecting them while others will have further north. one of the last lines of defense against the rebels and the north. >> we have a equipment's on the ground with artillery equipment and the means to fight in three dimensions. we are heavily equipped on territory. >> it is not clear what the endgame for france is. if it wants to protect citizens or if it has bigger ambitions. the government will certainly want the french to stay until they can recapture the north of the country. dodge the united nations is meeting to discuss sending a west african intervention force
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, approving a force to help defeat rebels in december. the nigeria and others have pledged troops but they can't get their home until september due to logistical problems. >> at the end of the day, the real solution will be a political solution. we want to support the political process and reconciliation in the north and the south. negotiation with the armed groups which will save them from terrorism. >> we have more from the united nations headquarters in new york. >> france has been urging west african states to send peacekeepers as soon as possible. they have authorized a force to operate in france would like it to take the place of their soldiers in the near future.
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the european union will be meeting in the coming days to discuss its training mission. it has said it will send 250 shoulders -- soldiers to train the army. and >> he wants parliament dissolved by tuesday morning according to state media reports. they began their journey on sunday. the religious leader is calling for an end to government corruption and they say he wants to be real elections scheduled for later this year. the have ended their protest and very the victims, delaying the funerals as part of a call for the community. the government has promised to bring the killers to justice. >> more than 80 people have finally been buried.
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the muslims that normally buried their dead so soon after death, this is a powerful protest. more than 100 people died in the attacks on the same day. relatives refused to bury their loved ones unless the government was dismissed. bringing women, children, and the elderly, it is driving rain during the sentence. the prime minister fire the local government. >> you wake up in the morning, the governor's role will have been imposed and he will be the chief executive. >> there are 600,000 there that have been persecuted and they say the state has not given them any protection. >> with the authorities do in the past five years that they will do now. if they have any courage, they will provide protection to the people. why have the innocent people
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than punished? >> people were so afraid, they took the wounded to a military hospital instead of getting health. they brought people out and protests across pakistan, outside the private residence. and when ministers tried the usual promises, the crowd got angry. leaders called off the protests but warned they will be back on the streets. it was clear that the radical group is behind it. >> it was a peaceful protest by the people who. they have high hopes that talks will ensure their safety. at least they have some sense of closure to a tragedy that altered so many lives. >> the police in southern india have arrested the coach of
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another 20 women's hockey team, they claim they were molested. he is accused of sexually harassing several during a journey. an indian hockey officials gave details about the incident. >> there were five girls that are unwilling to cooperate. we also found there was no lady accompanying them. the girls complained of sexual harassment and on the way, this said they boarded the train. there is no place the said. they were being fondled. and he was misbehaving throughout. they resisted him and luckily for them, the players that were accompanying them and the manager without boarding the
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train, taking it vantage. a lot of these girls have been going away. he is absolutely an behaving in the worst kind of way. >> the government has targeted rebels and three civilians died, another six seriously injured near the chinese border. it is the latest on a series of strikes against the town. >> it must've been a terrifying start to the day. the town was struck by what the rebel independent army says were government artillery rounds. the explosion sent people running for cover. some could not escape entirely. including this farmer whose house was struck and later died
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of his injuries. it followed a series of air strikes carried out by the military. government troops would launch an attempt. the government deny that but after the artillery fire, the people will take some convincing. this is shrapnel inside the bodies of my nephew. they were innocent civilians. i don't know what to say, this kind of weapon should not be used. the staff tried to treat the injured but could not save everyone. some were too young to know or understand what just happened. >> u.s. president barack obama has been speaking out about his country's debt crisis and also outlined the details of new gun control legislation.
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>> republicans have two choices. how they can act responsibly and pay america's bills or they can act irresponsibly and put america through another economic crisis. but they will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the american economy. the financial well-being of the american people is not leverage to be used. the full faith and credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. you can count on that the things i have said in the past, the belief we have to have stronger background checks and we can do a much better job in terms of keeping these magazine clips with high capacity of the hands of folks that should not have them. the assault weapons ban is meaningful and those of the things i continue to believe
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make sense. will all of them get through this congress? i don't know. >> welcome back. these of the stories making headlines. france is sending more troops to end terrorists linked troubles. the united nations is meeting over west african troops the health of the army defeat the rebels. france wants the security council the speed of the deployment of more than 3000 soldiers to form an intervention force. and a cleric that he calls a long march says he wants government dissolved by tuesday morning. he says he wants an end to government corruption. >> of the government in power is
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making history. they don't have the moral authority to continue. the people i've taken back their mandate from you. >> the french president has been meeting members of his cabinet over the intervention. the high-risk strategy to enter the country seems to have boosted his public approval. >> of the jets take off from a base in eastern france. the decision to intervene came swiftly and they are satisfied with how the mission is going. >> by intervening, we are assuming the national and international obligations. we trust africa, europe, and the whole of the international community. emergency forces should act
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quickly, but they are showing that they are answering their call. >> newspapers are full of the analysis why france started to intervene now. they also discuss what is at stake. >> if it is to help people, i think it is a good decision. >> i think he is doing a good job now and my opinion changed. >> it is important to have international legitimacy. the intervention appears to fall under chapter 7 of the un charter that allows amendments taken under attack to ask for help from another member state. so far, there has been little dissent. >> but they have spoken out. 10 years ago, they argued against the american invasion of iraq and he is repeating that warning. in a french newspaper, he says
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that these wars have never led to the creation of a solid and democratic state. they tend to promote separatism, failed states, and armed militias. the operation has transformed the image. until last week, the french president was often criticized as i'm decisive and now he is looking statesmanlike. >> an important turning point, a time where he can stand out as the commander in chief. >> a gain for the french president in the short term. what happens now is how quickly france can extract itself and how many french lives are lost between now and then. >> and north african country is reacting to the fighting. egypt has called for peace and urges all parties involved to
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ensure the territorial integrity. the importance of exhausting all peaceful means of settlement had to resort to military force only as a last option, controlling the borders to prevent the spread of armed groups and to neighboring countries gathering all possible resources. algeria has closed the 1,000 kilometer border. the foreign ministry made the announcement after the end of the two-day visit. the jury is allowing the french fighter to fly over the territory but it is concerned the conflict will cause rebels to cross into its territory. at least 26 children were killed on monday according to the international rescue committee. the violence against children. the damascus suburb, we can't
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confirm this is authentic but it appears to show the aftermath of an attack that killed 13 people. this video showing a large explosion, it has been authenticated by the associated press. the have been showing this part and the prime minister will visit iran. they were held for five months. it is also home to the largest air base. they took control of the base on friday and air strikes have forced them out. but not before they could take the facilities weapons. >> the u.s. government, this man
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is a commander of a terrorist organization, and assyrians, his group is doing what the west has failed to do. to lead the fight against the president. they say it will be a game changer for the rebels. >> these weapons will benefit us a lot on the ground. they will capture more places once more. they will have great importance on the battlefield. >> this suicide bomber launched his attack. unlike the three syrian army, there is no shortage of fighters willing to kill themselves. >> we are the same.
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we march ourselves with these operations going on everywhere. >> is a terrorist organization. does it matter that you're called terrorists? >> the announcement by the americans will not have an impact on our progress in any way, so it doesn't matter at all. we take pride and dignity when they call us terrorists. they were the first sponsor of global terror themselves. what does al qaeda even mean? if we were -- if americans were following religion, we would be american.
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>> in the group based, the fighters had spoken of a holy war creating an islamic state that will include jordan, lebanon on, and palestine. i asked them about the future of syria. will it be syrian law, more islamic? will it be more devout? >> it will be decided by the syrian people. >> they grow stronger every day. they see this group would impose a much stricter society after the fall of the regime becomes dominant. right now, they need these fighters. >> the israeli government is going ahead with plans to invest
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in national heritage sites including nine of the occupied west bank. it includes handicap access to the tomb of the patriarchs and it is sacred to both jews and muslims. u.s. government has objected saying they can damage future peace talks. the palestinian president warned the move could spark a religious war. air pollution in beijing is so bad, hospitals heritage sites are flooded with patients. the government is placing -- facing pressure to put in place tougher laws. >> this is a time lapse footage of the smog creeping in over the capital. by midday, it is in your wide out. by monday morning, hospitals report a flood of people arriving complaining of people having trouble breathing. the rapid industrialization, so often dion. >> she has been sick for a
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while, but the air pollution may or worse. the coughing is really serious. we can't take her outside. >> ha worry has led to anger and boldness. better known critics of the government protest and demand officials do more, they were joined by editors of state- controlled newspapers. i am looking forward to what the government will say about this. i especially want to know if the secretary and mayor are in beijing. and how do they guarantee they can bring safety? every day for a year, the photographer documented the solution. his 364 photos were displayed in the gallery, acting as a counter to the government lies of the air quality. weekends like this, he is feeling defeated.
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>> it has been the same the whole time i have been taking these photos. air quality has not improved at all. now i just stay and and keep myself saved. >> public pressure has forced the government to become more transparent. environmentalists say agencies and collusion with big industry have made any policy to tackle the solution ineffective. there is a glimmer of hope that could help clear the notoriously hazy sky line of chinese cities like hong kong. the government may pass a law ordering ships to use cleaner fuel. ships are a major source of the smog. shipping companies say they are willing to cooperate but hinted they might need financial aid from the government. cleaner fuels will cost the industry millions of dollars every year. how much cost for them to bear alone.
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>> a newspaper editor says he believes the outside world is laughing. the drive to modernize, the offer is indisputable proof. >> a bomb blast has destroyed a monument honoring soldiers of bosnia oppose the moslem- dominated wartime. no one was injured in the explosion, but underlying the ethnic tensions that run deep. the town remains largely divided between bosnian muslims in the east and others in the west. police are investigating an attack on the governing new democracy party. they say two gunmen opened fire at the building. the latest in a wave of attacks against government targets and banks as the country struggles to get the economy back on track. the russian government has rejected a petition asking legislators to lift a ban on
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u.s. citizens adopting russian orphans. they collected 100,000 signatures on line and protesters say the government should not mix politics with the future of children. it followed a move by the u.s. to sanction russian officials suspected of human rights abuses. people suffer from a form of what is a known as asper syndrome, interacting with others can be difficult and can cause problems holding down a job. one german company believes that sufferers have certain skills that make them perfect employees. nick reports from berlin. >> they can focus on a task with exceptional single mindedness. they can recall reams of computer code almost photographically. they see both patterns and mistakes that others cannot. but despite that, people with pass burger syndrome have been pushed to the margins of the job market and society.
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>> it is very stressful for me and i have to learn a every day if the names and functions of people which i don't meet every day. >> the founder has a son with kasper's and says the firms that hire his consultants are not motivated by fatherly concern or charity. they want results. >> they understand the idea very fast. in the beginning, they are a little bit reserved. but then they understand the idea and we want to support them. >> it is estimated to affect about 0.3% of the population. that means a quarter of a million people. that means there is a big pool
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of talented but unused labour. >> there are other people out there with other problems that can be integrated very fine in society if only the problems can be solved. that means it can help society in general. >> his job is to look at software, find faults. his strength is a special perspective. if society stop finding fault with social part as, he said they would also find strength and a new perspective. >> almost 20 million people watched the golden globe awards on sunday. one of the surprise winners of the evening, argo based on the iranian hostage crisis.
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the best director was from that film. lincoln managed to win one award for its star, daniel day-lewis. american cars have made a comeback at this year's detroit auto show. the
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